Welcome to Bright-Yellow

Welcome to Bright-Yellow! This blog offers tips on living on a budget, fun things to do around Chicago, interesting Web sites and, basically, posts on what I find entertaining or informative at the moment. The blog will be most interesting, though, if everyone contributes so be sure to post a comment or add a link so that we all find those gems out there!

Why Bright-Yellow? Well, as many of you know, I struggled with a name for the blog and Bright-Yellow seemed to sum up what I hope for the blog. Bright as in interesting or that light bulb moment. Yellow because yellow is just an all around happy color to me and I hope that you find the blog a fun bright yellow spot in your day! Plus, as I contemplate a career as a freelance marketing consultant, Bright-Yellow is a name that can carry over to what I can offer clients – bright ideas with a happy yellow personality!

On to today’s tidbit….

Some of you are already very familiar with Groupon and have been using it for a little while now. I’m a relative novice but I am quickly becoming an addict! Groupon uses the power of many to get great deals around Chicago (and other cities). Every day is a different Groupon offer – today’s is cooking classes at Bespoke which normally run $80 but with today’s Groupon, you can learn to be the next Emeril for just $45! In the time I have used Groupon, they have offered discounts on eye exams (excellent for the unemployed like me), party venues (perfect for those in wedding planning mode) and the usual food, beverage and area entertainment.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the Groupon offer that I purchased last week – $15 worth of food at Sultan’s Market for just $5! You can learn all about Groupon and sign up for the daily Groupon alert here: http://groupon.thepoint.com/

Let me know if you have used Groupon and what you think!

And, since today is opening day – GO CUBS!!!!



  1. I get the Groupon emails but have never used any of them yet. Love the site though! They had a Cubs rooftop for 40% off (something like $65) but it was only 3 weekday games so being a suburbanite not so good for me but great for you city folk! FYI it’s free to receive the emails.

  2. You may be focused on Chicago, but all of the tips so far – Groupon, resturaunt.com, Denny’s – work for Boston too! Very cool.

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