A Repeat for Some of You – A Deal Not to Be Missed!

Last week I sent an email to a bunch of you letting you know about Restaurant.com and the promo code to get 70% off of already ridiculously cheap restaurant coupons. I cleaned up – yep, the unemployed will actually get to enjoy a couple of nights on the town! I purchased $160 worth of gift certificates to area establishments for only $12.70!

Well, I learned about this deal late in the day and many of you missed it. The good news is that Restaurant.com is running another special! It’s not as great as the last one but pretty darn close. Just go to www.restaurant.com, enter your zip code (yes suburban and non-Chicago pals, this one is for you!) and start putting those coupons in your cart. Be aware that they have some restrictions. We purchased some where the gift certificate doesn’t cover alcohol and most of them have a minimum dollar amount that you have to spend in order to use the certificate (To use the $25 certificate, you have to spend $35 for example). Also, by the time I got to it last week, many of the certificates were picked over.

Once your online cart is all loaded up, use the promo code SEASON and get 60% off of your purchase! So, now those $25 gift certificates that sell for $10 only cost $4! This promo code is good until April 13 so get over to Restaurant.com!

After you purchase your certificates, Restaurant.com will send you an email with links to your coupons (or you can print them right away) and you just print the certificates yourself. The certificates that we purchased last week are all good for a year which I think is their standard.

And, one more food freebie for you that I’m sure you already have on your radar – Denny’s Free Grand Slamwich! Tomorrow from 6AM – 2PM bring a friend to Denny’s and get a Free Grand Slamwich when you purchase a Grand Slamwich. For details, click here. For those who don’t know, my friend, Andy, is the Director of Paradigm Innovation at Denny’s (I actually just found out that title when I looked it up on Linked In!) which means he comes up with really cool food things at Denny’s. Andy is friend to many of you, too. I don’t think he invented the Grand Slamwich but I’m sure he’d be happy if you enjoyed one!

While I remain one of the many unemployed, I’m going to try to update the blog daily M-F. If that’s too much for you (and I hope it is), then please keep me and my Bright-Yellow self top of mind when you are looking for marketing help or you hear of marketing opportunities in the Chicago area.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for the free press. One thing of note…I did invent the Grand Slamwich.

    Andy Dismore
    Sr. Director – Product Innovation

  2. We are restaurant.com junkies! A few months ago we were able to get the $25 certificates for $2!! Such a deal–and to restaurants we actually like!


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