Every Woman (and Man and Child) Needs a Good Book

Some of you are lucky enough to engage in something that only lives in my memory – spring break. Now that I’m back in Chicago, spring exists only in my memory (it will come someday!) along with spring break. While many of you spring breakers will be busy wrangling kids (rather than beers and tans as in the past), hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to pick up a book or two to enjoy by the pool.

So, what to read now that you have some free time? Sure, Us Magazine and People are always required pool reading (personally, I prefer them on a plane) and a spring break book can’t be too heavy or even remotely related to work. A couple of years ago my friend, Jenny, turned me on to the site www.goodreads.com. It has a zillion lists of recommended books and the best part is you can also see what your friends are reading. The books have ratings so you know what is worthwhile and you won’t waste those precious reading minutes.

I must admit, I am WAY behind in updating my Goodreads profile. We all know I have the time to read right now and I have been reading a lot of great books lately. Now that I’m back in Chicago, I’m back in my book club (a very loosey goosey group who don’t take their reading too seriously). Tonight is my first book club night since returning to town and I’m looking forward to discussing “The Double Bind” by Chris Bohjalian. I definitely recommend it – it draws you in and turns your head upside down with a twist! However, if that’s not your style, Goodreads has plenty of other suggestions for your spring break reading.

If, like me, you don’t really get to enjoy spring break, then build your own spring break by taking some time to read a good book. Check out www.goodreads.com and book club girls I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight!


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  1. I will definitey check this out. I use the weRead app on Facebook mostly to keep track of books I want to read. but I love to see what other people are reading too. Especially if they review/rate something I’m interested in. I haven’t used this site, but it sounds pretty cool.

    BTW, have you checked out bookcrossing.com? It’s sort of a book swap site. The idea is that you read a book, register it at the website, place a label inside the book with the reg. #, then leave it somewhere for someone else to find. They pick it up, go to the website and register where, when they found it. Then after reading it, they pass it on in the same way. Over time, you can track where the book travels, read reviews of it, etc. sort of cool.

    Additionally, the “leaver” of the book can post on the website the location of their “leavings,” so registered users in the area can get alerts and go hunt down the book. Like a treasure hunt.

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