That’s What She (and He and You) Said!

On Fridays, Bright-Yellow is going to be a round up of comments from all of you. Really, besides me, who reads all of the comments, right? There is some valuable info, though, in those comments I don’t want you to miss any of it. Please keep the comments coming otherwise Fridays are going to be pretty darn lame around here!

Thanks for the kind words of support for Bright-Yellow! I’m so glad you like it and hope that you’ll tell others to read and then I can stop this whole job search thing and fill your lives with my fun finds! To Anonymous who asked why not Go White Sox (along with my Go Cubs) – clearly, you have not been to our Cubs loving house! Really, though, Go White Sox, too – except when the Sox are playing the Cubs. This town is definitely big enough for both teams!

It looks like may have gotten some business from all of you! For those who haven’t gotten there yet, you only have until April 13 to take advantage of 60% off of the gift certificates using promo code SEASON. Through Gerod I found out that if you have United miles that are expiring, you can redeem some for a certificate. For more info on that, click here. Someone else added a reminder that you can only use one of the certificates per month per restaurant. Also, it turns out that my friend, Andy, did invent the Grand Slamwich! Nice work Andy!

Heather added some more info for the book readers out there. She uses the weRead app on Facebook (technically, I do, too, but I keep up with that one as well as I have been keeping up with Goodreads). She also turned me on to which looks really cool. It’s sort of a combination book swap/treasure hunt. I haven’t signed up yet but it looks really cool and I plan to spend more time on the site.

Please click the “subscribe” on the right side of the page. I only used the one that says “atom” but I am getting an alert sent to me after I post. I’ll send an email reminder to everyone next week but this just keeps things simple. I have actually purchased and the plan is to move the blog over there which should also make the whole subscribing thing easier, too.

For those in Chicago, be sure to stop by the XRT broadcast on Monday morning at Yak-Zies (non-Chicagoans, you can listen online at It’s always a great way to start the Cubs home opener celebration and I’m so excited to go and not be there at 5AM and working the event!!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter and Happy Passover (I love when these are at the same time!) to everyone!


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