Earth Week – Celebrate Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Every city has different activities to celebrate Earth Day (many extend into this weekend) and I have found two Web sites with city listings – Earth Day Network and Planet Green. Both of these sites not only list Earth Day events, but also little things you can do to protect the earth. For example, if you click here, you are directed to Click to Give where with one click, you can help save the Rainforest.

Other easy Earth-friendly things you can do tomorrow (and every day) include picking up trash as you see it, carpooling, walking to lunch rather than ordering food to be delivered, eat locally and seasonally (a repeat of yesterday), eat sustainable seafood (a link of good fish to eat and not so good can be found by clicking here), use CFL light bulbs… and those are the ones that just came to me off the top of my head!

Want to connect with other Earth-loving folks? RotorBlog (came across this through another site but I forget which one) lists six Earth-friendly social networking/media sites. The RiverWired site has details about tax credits for those who made energy efficiency improvements first thing on its home page and is easy to navigate with a lot of handy information like recipes and a daily “take action” page with an easy, green “to do” every day. Today’s is about how color affects appetite. I don’t really know how that applies to the green “to do” but it was an interesting article!

Whatever you do, just do something Earth-friendly tomorrow for Earth Day and everyday for yourself and everyone around you.

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  1. The Disney Store has a sign out front offering a free gift if you bring in 3 plastic bottles for recycling tomorrow. I will report back with the details tomorrow!

  2. Eh. A lame water bottle with Mickey Mouse on it. It’s number 7 plastic, which means I can’t (won’t?) use it for much of anything anyway! BPA, yo.

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