Earth Week – Green Shopping

This is a little late today because I am helping a friend of mine organize her “stuff”. She has a lot of stuff and this got me thinking about today’s topic – shopping. I knew I was going to highlight a couple of green shopping options today but after being at my friend’s house, I have decided with starting with shopping in one’s own closet. I guess being unemployed and moving four times in the last two years has forced me to do this quite a bit recently. I know everyone is feeling the pinch of losing jobs or losing raises and, as a result, is shopping less.

Purging your “stuff” is good! Usually, in the purging process, you find hidden treasures – sort of like shopping in your own closet. Sometimes those purged items generate cold, hard cash (thanks Craigslist, eBay and resale shops!) which you can use for outside of your closet shopping, I suppose, or for some upcoming summer fun. Or, if your unnecessary stuff isn’t really in the best shape or the hippest style, donate it to charity and take the tax deduction – sort of like cash.

If, your closet (and cabinets and under the bed and wherever you store stuff) is all shopped out and you need to hit the stores, I have a couple of places to check out. First, in Chicago, is Green Heart. I actually haven’t been there yet but I’m dying to check it out based on the site alone. The store sells super cute, eco-friendly and fair trade gifts and home items. And, if you’re in Chicago, this Saturday Green Heart is hosting a series of “Live the Green Life” events – FREE! For the non-Chicagoans, you should still check out the site – you can order products on line! You can also buy earth-friendly products online at Grass Roots. This site has a lot of some unusual products (biodegradable golf tees? Good idea but I never thought about it) as well as nice, standard items like cleansers, personal care items and reusable shopping bags, including the one pictured. Another great site is Big Green Purse. This site has a ton of information about living green but I like the Green Shopping tab – everything from appliances to clothes to holiday items. Also, be sure to check out the blog written by the site’s founder, Diane, for other tips and green living trends.

And, when you do shop, be sure to use a re-usable bag (like the one on this page from Grass Roots)! Keep a couple in your car or one in your purse so that you’re not caught without and have to use an earth-destroying plastic bag!

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