Earth Week – The Recap & Comments

What a GORGEOUS day here in Chicago! California friends, I’m sorry that you had the sweltering heat part of this heat wave. By the time it landed here today, it is sunny and 80 degrees!!!! So, this means I have to head outside and away from the computer – but not before I put together today’s Bright-Yellow.

This week was all about Earth Week. Monday was about eating locally. My wonderful husband, Jeff, reminded everyone that Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks also has a weekly (or bi-weekly) fruit basket that you can order for those who don’t like veggies. It did look yummy when we were at the open house. Also, my friend, Jen, has a blog (24 Boxes) full of recipes for when you get your CSA box full of whatever seasonal vegetables you get and don’t quite know what to do with them. I know first-hand that Jen is a great cook and her blog has made me very hungry. She’s a super duper graphic designer, too!

On Tuesday we looked at simple ways to save the planet. Jenny noted that the Disney Store was handing out a gift when you brought in three plastic bottles to recycle. However, the gift turned out to be a number 7 plastic water bottle which is bad because of the BPA. Yay recycling, boo BPA!

Wednesday we hugged trees. Kerry emailed me to tell me the Morton Arboretum that she knows first hand that it is a great place for kids (and, again, it’s FREE today!). She also raves about the Botanic Garden and their Train Garden which should open soon. She and her husband, Al, recently moved to Maryland and she told me she’s already missing the burgers at the Green City Market – I guess we’ll see about those in a couple of weeks!

Yesterday’s post about green shopping got up late so not too many comments, yet, but I did talk to my mom last night and she apparently has made quite a tidy sum by selling clothes and furnishings through the consignment shop in Omaha. So, “shop” your closets and make some cold, hard, cash!

If you’re in Chicago, you’d better be outside at some point today!!!! If you’re outside of Chicago, I hope it’s nice where you are and I hope everyone has a fun-filled green weekend!

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