Three Freebies and One Almost Freebie!

Time for some Bright-Yellow bargains! First, the almost freebie. In case you missed it, today is 31-cent cone day at Baskin-Robbins. While not quite free (like the recent Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day), it’s pretty darn close. I haven’t been to a Baskin-Robbins in ages and I hope Jamocha Almond Chip is still in the repertoire!

Now for all out freebies!!!! First, if you’re on the job hunt like I am, you’ll love this one. Staples is giving away twenty resume copies and forty business cards – FREE! Plus, the page with the details about the offer has career tips from CareerBuilder and from Tory Johnson who is the CEO of Women for Hire (another great site) and the job contributor on Good Morning America. The Staples promotion runs from April 26 – June 13.

It’s important to look good on those interviews so why not try Aveeno’s Nourish+ hair care? You can snag a free sample by clicking here and filling out the survey – they’ll even tell you what kind of shampoo is right for you!

Finally, as many of you know, I desperately want a dog. We can’t have one in our place, though. But, for those of you who have a pooch (or two), you can try a sample of Doggy Delightz, an all-natural dog treat. They also sell make at home dog treat kits. Hmmm…. I don’t know that I’d go there but I’d definitely sign up here for free doggy treats!

Enjoy the freebies! Remember, please add comments and forward Bright-Yellow to your friends. You can also follow me on Twitter (username jenhp).


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