The Weekly Round Up

We all love Grilled Cheese Month! I didn’t get to the store to buy the ingredients for the grilled cheese that I saw on Pithy and Clever but I will and I promise to report on its success (because it will be a success!). My friend and former co-worker, Andrea, reminded me that we had a favorite grilled cheese spot when we worked together. I had completely forgotten about Flapjaws (I had to use google maps to find the name) and their yummy grilled cheese with tomatoes and spices. I’ll have to make a trip over there next time I’m downtown. Heather suggested a grilled cheese with tomato and bacon (fresh, home-grown tomatoes recommended) and one with garlic butter. This post also led to some cheese finds – Rowena (via Twitter) told me about Provoleta (an Argentinian favorite – sort of BBQ cheese) which looks fantastic and Darren posted info about iGourmet for a fun place to try new cheeses.

I’m so glad I have fellow library fans, too! Heather (same Heather with the grilled cheese recipes) and Sheila reminded me that you can reserve books online on most library Web sites which is really important when those new best sellers hit the shelves.

No comments on the freebies – I hope you were able to take advantage of them!!!

Finally, on the cheating on my hairdresser, I learned that Ken’s hairdresser just retired at 40 – dang, I should have gone to beauty school!!!!

Thanks so much for reading Bright-Yellow. Please forward Bright-Yellow to your friends. You can also follow me on Twitter (username jenhp).

Happy weekend everyone!


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