More Than You Think You See

I love logos. As a kid, I used to love looking at my Dad’s AdAge and AIGA magazines (at least that’s what I think it was – something arty and graphic design-y) to see all of the fancy ads and logos. I liked to look for the hidden meaning or message in the logo (I also was a big fan of the Hidden Pictures puzzle in Highlights magazine – told ya it started early!) so when I ran across this site, I truly enjoyed it and hope you will, too. I think I saw it on Twitter but I run across so many sites and bookmark them, that I’m not really sure. Anyhoo – the site is 25 Logos with Hidden Messages and it is a kick. My personal favorite is the logo for Yoga Australia (pictured) – so cool (see the shape of Australia in her yoga pose?)!

And, by writing this I was tempted to google Highlights magazine – did you know that it’s still around and celebrating its 60th anniversary? Wow, that’s a lot of Hidden Pictures puzzles and Goofus and Gallant (I forgot about them until I was on the site)!

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  1. Ooh, if/when you get an iPhone, there’s an app called Hidden Expedition: Everest where you find hidden objects!

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