I Need to Hear From You & Some Chicago Cheapies

A couple of weeks ago, Bengi asked me to put together a list of great outdoor eating spots in Chicago. I have a couple of resources and really want to put this list together but then I thought about it and, really, everyone has a favorite spot so why not make it a list compiled by everyone? So, please send me your top 3 outdoor dining spots (or post them in the comments section). And this is not limited to Chicago!!!!! We all travel and are looking for great suggestions in other cities so send them from all over the place. Of course, you can send more than three! If you could try to send them by Friday, then I’ll make that the Friday/Weekend post.

Okay, I can’t leave you without a little Tuesday tidbit and today’s comes from Shira. She turned me on to the site BrokeHipster.com. Everyday the site lists low-cost activities and specials here in Chicago. Today you could enjoy a free ice cream cone at Haagen-Dazs (somehow this saves honeybees?!?), Free admission to the Museum of Contemporary Art, or $1 burgers at Bar Louie! If you’re on Twitter, you can follow BrokeHipster, too – BrokeHipster is the handle.

Remember, send me your favorite outdoor dining sites (or post them in the comments section) and forward Bright-Yellow to your friends!



  1. Milwaukee Top 3 Spots for outdoor eating!
    1.) La Fuente (Mexican)
    2.) Centraal (Danish American)
    3.) Trocadero (French/American)

    My top 3 Chicago:
    1.) Park Grill
    2.) Northside in Wicker Park
    3.) Kitsch’n on Roscoe

  2. OK, here are three from Michigan’s West Coast and Grand Rapids…

    Kirby Grill – Grand Haven, MI Sandwiches, burgers, salads and stuff. Right across the street from the big lake. Great people watching too.

    Blue Water Grill – Grand Rapids, MI Right on the shore of Versluis Lake. Great food and drinks!

    Rose’s, Reed’s Lake – Grand Rapids, MI. Right on the shore of Reed’s Lake. Great food and drinks.

    Green Well – Grand Rapids, MI. Gastro Pub in East Hills. Awesome drink selection, great food and a Leed certified resturant.

    Anywhere in Saugatuck! Cool place right on the lake!

  3. Trattoria Isabella is a relatively new place (at Jefferson & Lake) that has a great outdoor patio & bar area (with TVs for Cubs Games!) — service is very mixed (owners can be rude) & it might not be the absolute best value in town, but it is certainly worth a try on a nice day — you will enjoy the patio!



    Or, you can always go down the street to The Jefferson Tap — they have a sidewalk patio area, good food, friendly service, plenty of selection & even a decent special on occasion. You can tell them Coady sent you. đŸ˜‰


  4. Hi Biddle —

    1) El Cafe Tapatio (Ashland/Roscoe)
    2) O’Donovan’s (Irving Park)
    3) Sola (Lincoln/Byron) pricey but SO worth it!

    Holland, MI
    1) The Piper at Eldean Marina (on the lake)
    2) Boatwerks (also on the lake)
    3) New Holland Brewery (8th Street)

  5. – Jack’s on Racine great wine,food and xmas lights outside
    -Volo on Roscoe, quiet and great wines.
    -Cafe 28 no wait to sit outside for bfast.
    -Cafe Babareeba- sangria and shared plates.
    Kaze sushi-one of the only sushi places with an outdoor area.

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