Two For Tuesday – Books & Beef

Sorry for the lack of Bright-Yellow yesterday. We went to visit Jeff’s parents (his Dad actually since his Mom was busy being the social butterfly that she is!) and got back just in time to get to the Rock for Reading board meeting. So, today is a double dose of Bright-Yellow!

First, since apparently I’m not the only reader in the bunch, my friend, Heather, turned me on to Dear Reader. This site introduces you to a new book and gets you hooked by sending you (via email) the first chapter or two of a book. Plus, the woman who started and runs Dear Reader does a contest for chocolate chip cookies every month (and the site has great looking recipes)! The site is easy to use – just click on a genre on the home page, enter your zip code, and if there is a library participating with Dear Reader near you, click on that library name and viola you’re part of that library’s online book club. If there isn’t a library near you (Chicago Public Library doesn’t seem to be part of the program – but I’m going to send someone I know there info about the program!), that’s okay because you can join the Dear Reader online book club – or, in my case, clubs since I like many different genres of books! What a great way to find out about new books, huh? Now we need Dear Music Listener, Dear Movie Viewer, etc.!!!!

The second item is for the Chicagoans. NBC5 has been running a contest to find the best local items. Al’s Italian Beef won the Best Italian Beef Award and to thank Chicagoans, Al’s is hosting a Fan Appreciation Day tomorrow, May 20, and selling their famous Italian Beef sandwiches (regular ones. Cheese and peppers cost extra) for just $1!!!! While it’s a great deal, my reformed vegetarianism (as Jeff calls it) hasn’t brought me to Italian beef levels yet. Jeff, however, has been counting down until tomorrow! So, enjoy the bargain beef tomorrow!!!!

I didn’t get many responses for the outdoor dining so I’ll include what I have in tomorrow’s post as well as links to Chicago outdoor dining listings. If you have any suggestions, please post them or email them to me before tomorrow morning!

If you’re in Chicago (or another area with a great day like ours), enjoy the weather!



  1. Hm, al fresco places. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

    Mia Francesca in Wrigleyville
    Piccolo Sogno off Milwaukee
    Trattorial Isabella on Jefferson
    Orso’s in Old Town

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