Daily Good: Get a Good News Fix

I’m in a bit of a funk today. I’m discouraged about our job search situations, annoyed by California Unemployment, and it’s kind of cold and cloudy outside. Rather than dwell on all of this (which sometimes I like to do), I went in search of some good news. I googled “Good News” and came across a few sites. Some required a fee in order to read the good news (not very good news in my book), some were too religious, and some were too difficult to navigate. My good news, though, is that I found Daily Good. This site simply posts one positive story of the day along with a quote (you can search the archives, though, if you need more than one story to shake your blue mood). Today’s story features students in Washington who completed the I Have a Dream Program by promising to work hard and graduate from high school. In return, the program pays for the students to go to college. Out of the 62 students who began the program in 2000 when they were in fourth grade, 50 just graduated from high school (some are the first in their families to do so!) and will head to college this fall.

Daily Good offers a daily email option. You can sign up for the good news as well as other eNewsletters like Karma Tube (inspirational videos) and Kindness (easy bits of kindness you can do every day).

Daily Good is part of Charity Focus and apparently started “many years when one college student started emailing a daily quote to a couple of his friends. Today, that list is called DailyGood but it now reaches more than 50,000 readers with a wide variety of uplifting stories. The growth of the project has been, and continues to be, organic and largely word of mouth.” WOW!

While I’m still not happy about the job search, California Unemployment or the weather, the Daily Good story did put a smile on my face and that’s just what I needed!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow. I’m working on moving the blog to another site so that I can send email updates. In the meantime, please forward the link to your friends and anyone else who you think may enjoy the blog! You can also follow me on Twitter (jenhp).


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