It’s a (Plastic) Jungle Out There!

Another day of helping my friend, Karen, sort through and purge her stuff (and lots of chatting and catching up, too!). We came across a few gift certificates that, sadly, had expired. This reminded me of a site that I learned about a couple of months ago – Plastic Jungle.

Plastic Jungle allows you to buy, sell, or even trade gift cards that are collecting dust in your desk. Have a Macy’s gift card that you know you’ll never use? Trade it for a Williams-Sonoma card and buy that pan that you have had your eye on for the last few months. You can even negotiate so that you can get a $50 Williams-Sonoma (or whatever) card for your $40 Macy’s card!

Don’t want to trade? No problem. Plastic Jungle allows you to sell your gift cards for cold, hard, cash, or an Amazon gift card, or a donation to Donors Choose (a charity I will feature in the future).

You can buy gift cards at a discount at Plastic Jungle. They don’t have every retailer and the discount isn’t huge, but these days, a discount is a discount, right? We have a couple of cards that I’m looking to swap so I’m excited to test out Plastic Jungle!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow. Have a great weekend – hope it’s full of bright-yellow sunshine!



  1. In Massachusetts, there is some law that does not allow gift cards to expire. Any possibility of that in Illinois?

  2. I’ve been saving up for furniture at Crate and Barrel, this will be a good way to get a little bit of a discount.

  3. Same with Illinois… there is a law that there is no expiration on gift cards… or else I'd be in big trouble…

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