Jen Lancaster Reading

So here are some photos (sorry they’re a little blurry – I was trying to sneak up there and hurry!) from Jen Lancaster’s reading last night (she read from her new book, “Pretty in Plaid”). Crowded is an understatement! Jen was great, we got to “meet” Fletch (who is also hilarious and wanted to set the record straight that he did not scream and squeal like a little girl when he saw the coyote in “Bright Lights Big Ass”) as well as Jen’s friend Carol and Jen’s college roommate Joanna (who seemed to surprise Jen, too!). Jen answered a lot of questions from the audience and seemed so happy to be home!

While we waiting in line for about an hour to get our books signed, the line didn’t seem to move and the folks at Barnes & Noble were not so organized so we left (boo!). As we left, the manager said that this was the biggest crowd that she could remember. Way to go Jen! For those who haven’t read it yet, Jen’s first book, “Bitter is the New Black” got me hooked and I highly recommend it and it sort of motivated me to finally start a blog (although it’s nowhere near as funny, interesting or well written as Jen’s!).

Normally I don’t post on Friday’s but I couldn’t get these photos to work in Picasa so here they are! Have a great weekend!


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