Lunch and Dinner Inspirations

Normally I like to keep these posts to one topic but today I have two. First. thank you to everyone who sends me links and ideas – keep ’em coming! Kerry posted in the comments about the site Laptop Lunches. The site is built to sell bento box lunch boxes (which look super cute and are much better for the environment than a zillion baggies!) but they also do a weekly suggestion for what to put in those bento boxes. You can sign up to receive a weekly email (click here) or just check the site for this week’s (and past weeks’) recipes. Lunch can get super boring and Laptop Lunches helps out just a bit!

Next, I think I have made my love of dining out perfectly clear. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon these but I love a la card Chicago! Remember the 52 fabulous whatever decks (fun things to do in insert city, wedding ideas, valentines, etc.)? Well, a la card Chicago takes that concept and makes it better! For $30 (oh now I remember where I heard of this! Twitter! They had a promo that if you used promo code Twitter you could buy these for $20. It may still work!), you purchase a deck of 52 cards. Each card describes a restaurant in Chicago – and gives you a $10 off coupon to use at that restaurant! Just visit three (or maybe two?) restaurants, and the deck has paid for itself! Now, the cards do expire 12/31/09 so I suggest hopping on and purchasing a deck soon. The deck has restaurants ranging from Hot Doug’s (for non-Chicagoans – this is a fantastic hot dog joint) to David Burke’s Primehouse. Oh, and you know I love charity – $1 from every deck goes to Common Threads, a charity that educates children about nutrition.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow – keep reading and keep the suggestions coming!


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