More Free Admission to Local Museums

I didn’t intend to have free admission to local museums be a running theme this week but I keep running across ways you can experience art and culture in your neighborhood (and not just Chicago).

Many of you know that Target sponsors a number of free or reduced ticket price days at arts institutions around the country. In Chicago, Target provides the opportunity to do everything from visit the Children’s Museum (Free First Mondays) to experience the Lookinglass Theater with two for one tickets for Saturday matinees. For a list of what Target sponsors across the country, just click here.

Did you know, though, that Bank of America has a similar program called Museums on Us? On the first full weekend of the month (the next one being July 4-5), just show your Bank of America card and a picture ID and enjoy the participating museums for free! Again, this program is across the country so not only can everyone reading this take advantage of it, but also remember this tip for your next weekend getaway! For a list of participating museums, just click here.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow. Please take a moment to make a comment or two in the comments section – I’d love to hear what you think and I’m always looking for more good things to share on Bright-Yellow!


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