Some Monday Fun

Jeff and I hit Chinatown today for some yummy Chinese food at Lao Sze Chuan (2172 S. Archer) – thanks Check Please – and going in and out of the fun shops. I was pretty stumped about what to write about today but, thankfully, my friend, Cheryl, sent me an email that I just had to share (she found it here)!

How cool looking is this (especially for those of you with kiddos)???? Apparently, it is quite easy – just stick the dry spaghetti in the hot dog pieces and boil everything all together. You could make this more grown up by using sausage of some sort instead of hot dogs or you could make it into what would likely be one of Jeff’s favorites by making it with Kraft Mac & Cheese sauce!

While not earth shattering, it’s a fun Bright-Yellow thing of the day!



  1. I've GOT to see my little Goddaughter's reaction to that! I might have to make it a few times for myself as practice…! 😉

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