TwoBuckDuck Is Not Quackers! (I had to do it!)

Today’s post is a little early because Jeff & I are heading to suburbia to visit his family (becasue, boo, my job search networking meeting was cancelled). My friend, Jackie, sent me this link a few weeks ago but I have been waiting until they had a deal that I was super excited about before putting it on Bright-Yellow. Today’s the day!

is similar to Groupon where you pay a little bit to purchase a coupon worth a lot. In this case, for just $2, you can purchase coupons for everything from boat cruises to restaurants. One important note, though – check the terms and conditions. Yesterday, TwoBuckDuck had a seemingly great offer of a $25 Macy’s gift card for $2 but once you read the terms, you learned that you had to have Eddie Z’s come to your house and measure blinds – uh, no thanks!

So what’s today’s TwoBuckDuck offer that is so worth your time? For $2 you can purchase an entree at Garrett Ripley’s! I had never been here until last March when my friend, Cheryl, took me there because it was by her office (I was working out of her office at the time). I swear I had the best cream of mushroom soup there that I have ever had! And, you know I love grilled cheese and they have one of the best!

Now, for that terms and conditions part – the coupon is good when you buy another entree of equal or greater value and only one per party. Like Groupon, this offer is only good for 24 hours so hop on to TwoBuckDuck (especially you Cheryl!), and gobble up some deals (oops, wrong bird!)!

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  1. Am sad I missed this one. I do give a hearty endorsement to Garrett Ripley's. Even when meals cost more than $2, it's worth it. G. Ripleys is a nice tavern-style lunch spot with far-better-than-typical-bar-fare food.

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