More Travel in Your Own Backyard (Chicago)

I guess this week’s theme is travel. In a few minutes, Jeff and I are heading out to begin our (maybe that should be “my” since he is sort of going by default) tour of Chicago’s 50 Wards. I’ll post our adventure tomorrow.

In the meantime, Chicagoans (and those planning a visit or are just curious about Chicago), check out The Local Tourist if you have not already. I found The Local Tourist on Twitter (a fun follow). The Local Tourist is just what it says – a local’s take on Chicago. However, while Theresa Carter came up with the idea (I think) and manages the site, anybody can contribute to The Local Tourist once you become a member (free – just create a profile. Hmmm… maybe I’ll add the 50 Wards project?). Some parts of The Local Tourist are better than others. The Neighborhoods and Transportation sections give just enough detail and have some fun facts but I found the Shopping area lacking significant information. Again, the site is basically built by locals so maybe locals just don’t care very much about shopping!

One more Chicago tip… Last night, my friend, Cheryl, was kind enough to invite me to be her guest for the opening of “Boleros for the Disenchanted” at the Goodman Theater. I can’t say enough good things about this show – just go see it!!!! Seriously – FANTASTIC production!!!!

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