Hit the Trails (and19th Ward Photos are Up)

I was going to write about the Mega Bus today because Jeff & I took it to Milwaukee for Summerfest yesterday. But, since Jeff & I agreed that we faced many public transportation issues yesterday, I think I’ll wait and give Mega Bus one more chance before I write (or don’t write) about it.

So, instead, here is REI’s Passport to Adventure. The program is geared toward families and getting folks outside playing together. However, even for those of us without kids, the site has many listings for outdoor adventure across the country – no matter what age you are! For example, in Chicago, the site not only lists places such as the Chicago Botanic Garden but also the Skokie Lagoons which I have never visited, but now I plan to check them out! Another great site for hiking trails is American Trails which not only lists hiking trails but also mountain biking, horseback riding and easy walks.

For those who are curious, I have added the photos from my visit to the 19th Ward. Just scroll down below. I’m not sure which ward or wards I’m going to visit next week, but I’ll definitely post photos and remarks about my visits!

Have a great Fourth of July Bright-Yellow friends!


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