Enjoy Free Outdoor Cinema

Thanks to those who made comments on last weeks’ posts. Pam sent a great link to an Explore Chicago page that has locals posting their photo explorations of Chicago. Check out Life by the Lake by Eric Allix Roger – GREAT photos! This is a great page to check out as some of you make the adjustment back to the working world after the long weekend! The other comment came from Brad who suggested that you check out Rainbow Cone at 92nd and Western if you make it down to the 19th ward. I love Rainbow Cone at Taste of Chicago so I may have to make a return visit to the 19th ward for that!

Speaking of the Taste of Chicago, now that it’s over, it’s time to prepare for the Chicago Outdoor Film Festival! I love this series – just bring some food, drinks and chairs and enjoy movies under the starts. Sometimes it can get a little noisy but you’re really there for the atmosphere anyway! This year’s series features a lot of old classics like Sunset Boulevard (the opening film next week on July 14) and and Psycho. For a complete schedule just click here.

If you’re not interested in heading all the way downtown, don’t forget the Movies in the Park series that takes place all over Chicago. Tonight you can see Little Shop of Horrors in Lincoln Park or head south and see Iron Man in Tilton Park. Again, you just have to bring some food, drinks and chairs – easy peasy! For the list of upcoming Movies in the Park, just click here. BTW, Ferris Bueller is in Lincoln Park next week (the 14th) which may be where you’ll find me – I love that movie!

Whether you’re in Chicago or not, every town celebrates summer with tons of free outdoor activities. Visit your Park District or City Web sites to see what your town has in store for you! And, if you have any suggestions, be sure to add them to the comments section for everyone to enjoy!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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