Calling Both Clutterbugs and Neatniks…

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this site/blog, but I think you should stumble upon it, too! Whether you are a clutterbug or a neatnik, Unclutterer is for you. The editor and writers of Unclutterer describe it best: “Unclutterer features tips, organization strategies, product reviews, reader questions and more. We’re not a personal productivity blog or a site about interior design, but we still hope we can help you in those areas. Getting uncluttered and organized can be the first step to more efficiently tackling your projects and realizing a better-looking space.” I’m choosing to unclutter my brain by using their words rather than re-invent the description!

A guest blogger wrote today’s post about uncluttering for travel. A few days ago (July 6 – just scroll down the page a bit), Unclutterer posted 10 Uncluttering Things to Do Everyday – and these are super easy-peasy things we can all easily take on in an effort to make our life (and brains) a lot less cluttered! And, unlike dumb old blogspot here, the RSS feed at Unclutterer actually works so you can sign up for updates from Unclutterer! Hmmm… that my clutter up your email box but maybe in a good way!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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