Some Summer Cheese for your Wine

I’m not reaching too far to come up with today’s post – it’s what we enjoyed last night. Jeff & I have friends in from out of town (with more coming) to enjoy some Cubs games. Two friends, Deb and Donna, arrived last night and since Deb lives near a fantastic farmers market in Michigan, she brought a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies (and home made bread from her friend Alice) for us to enjoy. Jeff and I stopped by Sam’s Wine to pick up some cheeses and wine to accompany the spread.

We selected our wine after attending a sauvignon blanc tasting at Sam’s a couple of weeks ago. After the tasting (and subsequent recovery), I declared Saint Clair Vicar’s Choice by favorite of the night (Jeff loved it, too). If you enjoy a fruity sauvignon blanc with a lot of juicy flavor, you’re sure to enjoy this wine, too!

As for the cheese, we simply guessed. We bought a tasty cheddar and a jack with chives from the cheese case. The only pre-packaged cheese, though, was the hit of the evening. We easily polished off the Moondarra honey pistachio cheese on the home made french bread – YUM! Jeff & I randomly chose the honey pistachio flavor but now I’m excited to try some of the other flavors, like fig and walnut (I don’t like figs but my mom makes a yummy cheese spread with figs so I guess I like them with cheese!) and mango and melon, that Sam’s carries. BTW – for the out of towners – you can order both the wine and the cheese from Sam’s Wines – just click here for the Sam’s site.

Now that we’re in full-on summer, consider the Saint Clair Vicar’s Choice and the Moondarra honey pistachio cheese for your next outdoor picnic or rooftop gathering.

Now I want to hear from you – what are your favorite summer wines and cheeses? Add them to the comments section and I’ll post them all together next week!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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  1. Sounds yummy! I also like Saint Andre cheese (double cream) on a thin cracker with raspberry butter on top…for summer or winter. I bought it at Sunset grocery by my house.

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