Hodge Podge Topped with Blueberries

Today’s post is sort of a hodge podge of information.

First, a while ago, I posted about Good Day Extra, which has a daily offer (M-F) for Chicagoans. It looks like Good Day Extra has moved and can now be found here. I wondered why they stopped with the fantastic offers after June 17. After a little googling, I found the new location. They probably should have put that info on the old page but now you know!

Second, I’m making the transition to getting on bright-yellow.com. Apparently, I need to move from Blogger to WordPress first (according to my “help desk” aka my brother who told me this is easiest). Yesterday I made that move and I think you can now sign up for Bright-Yellow email alerts from Feedburner (look at the top of the box on the right). So, after today, I will only post on the WordPress site, which you can find by clicking here. I know it’s not yellow – again, that’s where I need some assistance from the “help desk”.

Bunch_of_blueberries,_one_unripeFinally, today’s Bright-Yellow item of the day… I came across the North American Blueberry Council site (there really is a council or association for everything!). The site has a lot of industry information but it also has a list of where you can pick your own blueberries! What a fun activity! For those who don’t have a farm listed nearby, just pick some blueberries up at the local farmers market and make some of the yummy recipes listed on the site! Blueberry awesomeness!

Don’t forget – send me your favorite summer wines and cheeses so that we can all enjoy them this season.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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