A Blog Suggestion for Many of You…

Today’s post is a quick one (and a bit late – I know!).  Remember, this is the new home for Bright-Yellow so go ahead and bookmark it. And, while you’re at it, sign up for the email alerts (on the right) and tell your friends and friends of friends and everyone you run into on the street to visit Bright-Yellow and sign up for the email alerts, too!

Oh – one more thing and then the sales pitch is over – please send me your favorite summer wine and cheese (or other snack) so that I can share with everyone – picnic season is in high gear folks!

bacontitle Okay, now about this blog that I know many of your are going to love, bookmark and wake up wanting to read everyday.  Bacon du Jour.  Jeff and a couple of his friends (and some of you) live by the saying “everything is better with bacon” (Jeff likes to add an “and cheese” to that statement, too).  Well, Bacon du Jour is the site for you!  These people are bacon crazy (in a good way).  They try out various ways to incorporate bacon into everyday dining and then report back on the success or failure and the recipe.  Today’s post includes what to do with leftover bacon – something I found quite handy.  Also, like they discuss in today’s post, I am a huge fan of cooking bacon in the oven – truly the only way to go!

Go forth and enjoy the salty bacon goodness and thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.


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