Bastille Day and More Bacon

09_25_52---Bottle-of-Champagne_webBonjour Bright-Yellowers!  Today is Bastille Day and I can’t believe I missed one of my all time favorite Chicago fests – Bastille Day at Pops for Champagne!  Bastille Day is not so much a fest as pure champagne indulgence and enjoyment.  Even though Pops has moved from its quaint little house-like location to bustling downtown, I’m sure the festival was still a ball.  So, since we missed it (did anyone go? If so, how was it?), stop by Pops for a glass or two today or, if you’re like me and not downtown (and not employed), enjoy a glass of champagne at home tonight!  Jeff brought some home from Sam’s last week so tonight sounds like a good time to try it out and report back to everyone!

If you’re downtown enjoying a glass of champagne at Pop’s, you’ll need some food and you should continue the Frenchy-ness of today and grab a bargain hot dog at Brasserie Jo (personally, I’d skip the hot dog and have the profiteroles – yum, yum, yum!) because tonight from 5-7pm, these fancy pants french hot dogs are only $1!!!  Brasserie Jo has more Bastille Day specials today but the hot dog is the deal of the deals.

Need more than just a hot dog?  No problem! Head over to Bistro 110 where they are partying like it’s 1789 with dinner specials for just $17.89! These entrees are typically $18-35 so you can score quite a dinner deal! And Marie Antoinette is showing up with cake – that alone is worth stopping by for a glass of a French something or other!

One more non-Bastille Day item – an update to yesterday’s post.  Chicagoans (and you non-Chicagoans may just want to book a flight right now) mark your calendars for October 24-25 when Chicago is hosting Baconfest! I’m not sure if this is the same group as the ones who do a big Bacon event in New York but it really doesn’t matter, does it?  It’s two days of bacon, bacon and more bacon in both traditional and creative concoctions!  You can go ahead and buy tickets right on the Baconfest site and my guess is this event will be a quick sell out.  I’m pretty sure you’ll see us there!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow! Don’t forget to give me your summer wine and cheese suggestions and share Bright-Yellow with your friends!


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