Got a Card?

mooprocessWhen you’re unemployed, you don’t have business cards. So, when you meet someone and they ask for your card, all you have to offer is one big stare and, in my case when I first faced this, a scrap of paper with my phone number written on it (one step up from a napkin, I guess).

Immediately following that meeting, I created some business cards.  I used Vista Print because, honestly, it was cheap.  For just the cost of shipping, I whipped up a card using a Vista Print template and in exchange for the low cost, I have a Vista Print ad on the back of my card (this proves to a potential employer that I’m budget conscious, right?).  While not the most elegant or noteworthy of cards, I did strike up a business relationship with someone based on the fact that we had the same card (she sprung for the removal of the Vista Print ad on the back).  That said, next time, I’m stepping up my efforts and getting fantastic, beautiful, original cards from Moo.  Thanks to a chance meeting with Barbara from Wired PR Works (follow her on twitter by clicking here) where I gave her my not so impressive card and she returned with a gorgeous, conversation starter of a card.  At Moo, you supply images (or use their stock) to create a box of business cards (or mini business cards) with a different “reverse” side on each card.  So, if you’re a photographer or designer, you can showcase your work and, if you’re like me and not that artistically inclined, you can submit photos that reflect your passions and personality – and believe me, it opens the door to conversation!

If you’re saying to yourself, “That’s great, Jen, but I have a job so I have business cards.” then let me reply with a big “not so fast.”  For my single friends, how often have you been asked for a card and just don’t feel comfortable giving your actual business card? Viola! And did I mention that Moo cards are a conversation starter?  Use the card to continue the conversation with that lovely lady or gent.  Even if you’re paired up, there are plenty of times you want to exchange contact information but just don’t want to cross those business and personal lines.  Personal, creative, engaging cards from Moo are the answer! And, if you’re having some commitment issues, you can dip your toe into the creative cards pool by trying Moo’s business card sampler – just click here.

Now, I’m not dissing Vista Print.  My cheapie cards have served me well and I’m glad to have them.  However, when trying to be memorable, whether for business or social reasons, a personal business card that has a little flair, is probably a better way to go.

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