Charming Art

2LDSCF0625-final house

Today’s post is courtesy of my friend, Tony. Tony is about to become a first time father and, as a result, babies and kids are a big  part of his conversation these days.  A friend of his, told Tony about Art Charms and if you’re a parent (or an aunt, uncle, etc.), you’re going to love this site!

Art Charms is the brainchild of Cleveland designer Chad Verhoff.  Chad and his clever, creative mind takes kids drawings and turns them into works of jewelry art (the photos above are from his site showing the original artwork and the finished jewelry product).  Personally, I love the idea of a charm bracelet made of my kids’ art (if I had kids).  If you’re not the charm bracelet type, then go for a pendant.  For Dads, Chad makes key chains (I guess these are for Moms, too) and cuff links.  All pieces are made in sterling silver but Art Charms will create a 14k gold piece upon request.

No kiddos?  No problem – why not submit a drawing done by you or someone you love?  You still capture a memory and have a unique, one of a kind, meaningful piece of jewelry art!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.  Tomorrow I promise to post the latest in my visits to the 50 wards of Chicago.  I visited a ward today (great one btw), but tomorrow’s post will be about the ward I explored with my friends a couple of weeks ago – basically a trip around the world without leaving Chicago!


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