One More for the Bacon Lovers

95This weekend I got to catch up with some college friends for brunch.  One of the friends, Kate, was in for a visit from New York and another, M’Liz, I had lost touch with many years ago.  Fortunately, Kate has kept in touch with M’Liz so we had a mini reunion at M. Henry (yum! Birds in the Nest was the winner at our table) with Chrissie and my hubby, Jeff (who thoroughly enjoyed his day with the girls!).

After breakfast, we hit Wicker Park Fest (where if you wanted to play hipster bingo, you’d have bingo in a matter of seconds! Oh the people watching!).  As we strolled, Jeff told M’Liz about Bright-Yellow.  And, as a result, today’s pick comes from M’Liz.

main_header_leftOne of M’Liz’s favorites happens to be Nueskes bacon from Wisconsin.  Oh, bacon lovers, this sounds like a home run.  As M’Liz was describing Nueskes perfect bacon, Jeff realized that this is the bacon that Sam’s Wine sells – no need to head all the way to Wisconsin!  Apparently, there are customers who come to Sam’s Wine (note the word wine here) just for Neuskes bacon!  We haven’t tried it yet but this weekend Jeff is bringing some home for us to taste.  Can’t wait!

If you don’t live in Wisconsin or Chicago – no worries.  You can order bacon (and other yummy looking products) online.  Or, check out your local gourmet food store.  Even if you don’t find Nueskes bacon there, I’m sure you’ll find some treasures.

So, bacon lovers, have you tried Nueskes?  Give everyone your review!

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