Free Sunday Songs

susan-tedeschiThanks to Tasha who has become a rabid runner, I’m going to head to Grant Park on Sunday for a free concert by Susan Tedeschi who is performing the Rock & Roll Chicago Half Marathon Post-Race Concert!  If you haven’t heard Susan Tedeschi, check her out here.  Susan’s smoky voice and bluesy yet rockin’ tunes are a great way to start a Sunday morning (she has some mellow ones, too, which are probably good for a Sunday, too).  And for those of you who are runners, I think the Half Marathon still has some slots and the runners always need some cheerleaders (I’ll be there Tasha!).  Rock & Roll Half Marathon details can be found here.

Rock & Roll Chicago Half Marathon Post-Race Concert Details:

Who: Susan Tedeschi

Where: Grant Park/Upper Hutchinson Field

When: Sunday, August 2 10AM – Noon

Tasha tells me that MGD 64 (sponsor) will have 2 cheer zones where they will be handing out t-shirts and thundersticks to cheer on the racers but I couldn’t find these on the site.  Either way, runners love cheers – whether you have a MGD 64 t-shirt or not!

Run Tasha Run (and all of those other half marathoners)!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.



  1. So sorry I left off the cheer zone locations!
    MGD 64 will have 2 cheer zones. (1) at mile marker 10 set up next to the Band Saved By Grace and (2) near the finish line right after mile marker 13!
    I look forward to hearing you out there!!!!!

  2. That’s great that you’ll be there Jen! I’m signed up to run, its my first race longer than a 5k. Maybe I’ll see you there!

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