Free (or low cost) Ways to Explore Chicago

Attractions-Landing-PageI love Chicago.  I know what you’re saying – “duh, Jen, we got that!”  But, after moving away for a couple of years to an area that did not embrace summer (well, that’s because it is summer all year long in southern California), I am so happy to be back in Chicago where every day you can find something free or low cost to do to enjoy summer and the city.

This week, we have a pseudo guest blogger (although I’d really appreciate it if she’d add more info in the comments or let me know if she’d like to be an official guest blogger – hee  hee) named Pam.  Pam and I both worked in music at one point (she for a concert promoter and me for a radio station) and now she officially promotes all sorts of fun stuff in Chicago (unlike me who does it unofficially) while working for the City of Chicago.

Last week, Pam sent me all sorts of suggestions from her office and this week I will share them with you starting with a fantastic site that offers Chicago coupons for all sorts of fun!  I think the site is called ChicaGO Guide to Special Values (um, Pam, I know you didn’t name it but that’s a little long.  See, you get my witty commentary by being a guest on the site!).  Long name or not, the site does offer some great coupons in five categories: Attractions, Dining, Entertainment, Museums, and Shopping.  You can get two for one passes for a Chicago Water Taxi (love taking those!), 15% off your bill at China Grill in the Hard Rock Hotel, and an extra 15% off one item at Filene’s Basement among other treats.  Some of the offers have wacky stipulations (“valid only with an out of state drivers license”? Really (what is now) Macy’s???  I have been by the Walnut Room recently and you should really re-think that offer!) but most are really great offers of a percentage off, a freebie or a two for one.

Log on here, explore Chicago and save a little dough!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.  Be sure to let me know what you think and I always love getting tips from all of you so keep ’em coming!

PS – Jeff & I finally officially tried the Nueskes bacon – YUM with a capital YUM!  It’s smoky, not too greasy or fatty, and was perfectly crisp.  As a result, we may just have bacon all week! (if you missed that post, just click here)


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  1. Hi – of course I’d be ‘official’ if you’d like! There are so many wonderful things the city offers, it’s my pleasure to let the world know… Yes, the Guidebook name is long – it’s a holdover from the printed version. We call it the coupon book, and you are welcome to do so as well. Enjoy!

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