Be a Chicago Fashionista – With a Discount!

Well, that Pamlogo is just a wealth of information!  As we continue Pam Week aka Explore Chicago Week, this is posting late because I just spent an hour exploring the Chicago Fashion Resource site.   WOW!  This is a great site and, correct me if I’m wrong here Pam, it’s going to continue to grow.  For those of you who, like me, have grown weary of Daily Candy’s suggestions of super expensive designer jewelry, you’re going to love this site!

When you enter the site, you choose either designers or shopping.  I started with designers where I found a wealth of discounts (mostly 10-20%) for purchases made from the Web sites (and etsy sites) of Chicago designers!  And the site uses the term “designer” loosely – which is a good thing.  I checked out Dana Designer Jewelry’s etsy site as well as CellKeeper which is, in my opinion, more of an invention than a designer object, but either way, the CellKeeper keeps your cell phone safe and stylish.  There are even goodies for the guys like ties from Lee Allison.

On the shopping side, some offers were better than others (Daisy Shop – excited to see you there until all you were doing was hawking your sale – not really an “offer”, my friends) but I love the variety of stores – and ALL are local!  I am happy to say that one of my favorites, 1154 Lill Studio, is the very first offer with 15% off of a custom bag!  Once gainfully employed, I will take advantage of that one!  Another great offer comes from the Randolph Street Market (another favorite – it runs the last weekend of each month through October) with 2 for 1 admission AND a $10 shopping credit! I may not wait for employment for that offer.  And suburbanites, some of your boutiques are featured, too, such as Nika in Park Ridge.

Got a favorite Chicago designer or store?  Post it in the comments!  I’m sure it’s safe to say Pam and her crew are always looking to add offers to the site!


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