Explore Chicago for Free (including a Walgreens coupon)!

summer_2009.Par.53315.Image.0.0.1Want to explore Chicago with out dropping a dime (or a penny but that’s not really the phrase now is it!?!?)?  Well, our guest this week, Pam, has the links for you!

First, if you are on Twitter and are not following ExploreChicago – follow asap!  ExploreChicago offers at least one free thing to do every day and s/he/they tweet about all of those many Chicago events that you mean to get to, but then you forget – this is your reminder!  Have a question about a particular Chicago place or looking for a suggestion for the weekend?  Tweet ExploreChicago and s/he/they will tweet back to you some great ideas!

Not on Twitter? No problem.  Just head on over to the Explore Chicago Web site for a wealth of information including free things to do around town!  You can even build a “to do” list with the Trip Planner feature.  This feature not only helps those from the suburbs or out of town, but also those of us who live in the city and a just overwhelmed by all of the options (really, who can remember what is happening every single weekend!??!)!

Finally, I posted a different link for this a few months ago, but Explore Chicago also lists all of the free museum days on one handy dandy page that can be found here.

And one more little freebie for you from my friend, Chrissie – heading to Walgreens today or tomorrow?  Well, then, here you go – save $5 on a $25 purchase! Just click here for the offer!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow.  Be sure to make some comments so I know what you like and what you want to share with everyone!


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