Free Tours of Chicago

SnapshotAs the Pam week concludes here, she offers up one more free way to explore Chicago – with a free tour!

Actually, this first one is something that I have wanted to do for years.  Every time I’m at O’Hare waiting for my luggage (which seems to take forever), I see the ad for Chicago Greeters and I say to myself (or whoever is with me), “you know, I’d really like to do that.  I was  a tour guide in college, after all…” and then I don’t follow up or I move to California.

Anyhoo – Chicago Greeter!  The Chicago Department of Tourism provides this service where local Chicagoans lead tours for out of towners around Chicago.  You can even request a particular neighborhood or area of interest for your tour.  If you’re heading to Chicago or know someone who is (or you’re too lazy to take your friends or family around the city), this service gives visitors an insiders view of the city that can’t be beat!

Question for Pam here – Pam, is Chicago Greeter only for out of town visitors?  The offer (expired in June BTW) on the home page offers tours to Chicagoans so now I’m confused.  Will you please clarify in the comments?  Thanks!

The Office of Tourism also offers InstaGreeter for those who are not organized enough or don’t want to be held to a specific tour date and time like Chicago Greeter.  These 60 minute tours start downtown Friday – Sunday 10AM – 4PM (last tour leaves at 3PM) from the Chicago Cultural Center.  The InstaGreeter tours cover Chicago history, architecture, the Chicago River and the Lakefront.  There is also a Millennium Park tour and a Hyde Park Tour (thanks Obama! This one is only on Saturdays from 10AM – 3PM.  Click here for details).

Thanks Pam for turning us on to all of these free ways to explore (and save) in Chicago!  And thanks to all of you for reading Bright-Yellow!


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