Stacey Ballis sums up how I feel about John Hughes’ death…

I first started reading Stacey Ballis’ blog, The Polymath Chronicles, after Jen Lancaster gave her a shout out (and a plea for readers to support Stacey as she tried (and did) to win a cocktail creation contest) in her blog, Jennsylvania.

Stacey doesn’t post on her blog every day but when she does, she seems to be my twin but with better writing and cooking skills.

Yesterday she wrote a post about John Hughes’ death that brought tears to my eyes and summed up why I loved his movies and how he managed to unite a generation of movie-goers.  To read the post, just click here and be sure to add The Polymath Chronicles to your list of blogs you read.

PS – After posting this, my friend from high school, Dennis, posted this link on his Facebook page – an amazing story of a woman who was “pen pals” with John Hughes while she was in high school. A must read!  Click here.


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