Save Money – Free Shipping

Well, I am now a working woman (well, a freelancing working woman) which means I’m now going to write and post Bright-Yellow in the evening.  I hope to get back on a regular schedule at some point but, right now, I’m in learning/ramp up mode at the new job which means my head is spinning from the moment I walk through the door until I hop on the el at night!

free-shippingIn addition to posting later, the posts may be a bit brief since my brain is on overload right now!  Today’s saving money site is (I may have to re-post this one during the holidays, too!). is similar to yesterday’s RetailMeNot site – a site full of promo codes.  Only, in the case of, you find promo codes for what it says – free shipping!  And, if you ever order online from Macys, definitely stop at first – Macy’s has a ton of promo codes here!

FreeShipping.Org also has a fun blog – Go Frugal with all sorts of tips and tricks for living on less.  Using the “Are You Frugal or Are You Cheap” quiz, I learned that I am indeed frugal and not cheap (or a floozy – oh, wait, that’s a different quiz all together!).  And frugal people use sites like

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