Save Money – Brad’s Deals

Sorry everyone – it looks like “Deals Week” will stretch into next week since the freelance job keeps me from writing during the day and social plans have kept me from writing at night.  But, don’t we all want deals and so extending the week isn’t really a bad thing, right?

bradsdeals220x60Today’s site to check out – Brad’s Deals.  I don’t remember how I found this one but I’m glad I did.  The site is a little overwhelming at first – there is A LOT going on on the home page. However, once you acclimate, you will find some great deals.  Brad (and, yes, there really is a Brad) finds all sorts of sales, promo codes, coupons, etc. and posts them on his site. Personally, I’m pretty lazy and usually just look at that day’s deals (which usually read like tips for finding bargains while offering great deals) and the new and expiring coupons (all of which is on the home page).  For example, today Brad shared where to find faucets for those who are remodeling homes and $14 Crocs for those who, unlike me, don’t think Crocs are the most God-awful shoes ever invented.  And, those coupons are 80% off again with the promo code PORTION.

So, as you embark on any online or in store shopping for the fall, check out Brad’s Deals first to save some dough.  Even if you’re not hitting the mall (real or virtual), take a peek at Brad’s Deals to see what you’re missing!

What’s your favorite site or favorite tip for saving money?  Please share in the comments section.  Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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