Bake Some Bread (as in money) with Wise Bread

wisebread-logoWell Bright-Yellow fans, I’m going to share with you my most favorite site for money saving tips and ideas – Wise Bread. For those who are not familiar with this site, it’s a blog that is chock full of coupons, financial strategies, first hand accounts of money management, and new ways to save money.  Really, this site is fantastic.  Unemployed, partially employed or working full-time, everyone can benefit from Wise Bread.

The page I’m linking you to is the home page which is sort of the highlights.  For the most part, the articles are written by freelancers or people like me who just have a story to share.  The site does have other sections that I recommend (btw – I totally can’t spell that word – every time it’s too many c’s or too many m’s!) checking out for a more in depth look at financial topics – definitely check out the page with the top financial blogs.

And, you know how sometimes I give you a link to a fabulous freebie or coupon? Well, more often than not, you can thank Wise Bread for that little nugget!  Every day, Monday through Friday, Wise Bread posts links to fantastic discounts and freebies.  For example, today you can score a free NoDoz sample (so you can stay up reading all of the past Bright-Yellow posts?!?!) or a set of Oneida steak knives for just $3.95!

So, there, one of my secrets is out – but I hope it helps you and that you enjoy Wise Bread as much as I do! And, Twitter folks, you can follow Wise Bread – @wisebread.

For those who asked for a One Kings Lane invitation – I’ll send those on Saturday.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read yesterday’s post and let me know if you, too, want an invitation!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


One comment

  1. Hi Jen:

    I’ve heard of Wisebread, but never spent much time on the site. I need some steak knives and that sounds like a good deal! Thank you for sharing!

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