Hit the Road for Food

With the Labor Day weekend approaching, I thought I’d share a site that I love for road trips (but you can even use it in your own home town) – Roadfood.comRoadfood.com is the brainchild of Jane and Michael Stern who have written a series of food based books (and, apparently met as art students at Yale – see, even I learn something new when I re-visit sites!) and contribute to one of my favorite NPR shows, “The Splendid Table“.  For those outside of Minnesota, “The Splendid Table” is hosted by a woman who, I swear, shares her love of food and cooking unlike anyone else I have ever heard – really, it’s worth checking out here!

But we’re here to discuss Roadfood.com.  Jane and Michael have cris-crossed the country looking for local food created by local cooks.  Whether you’re hitting the highway this weekend and need to find the perfect stop between here and there, or you’re staying in town and want to try a local treat, check out Roadfood.com’s recommendations.  In addition to Jane and Michael’s take on a restaurant, you’ll also find user comments to give you one or two more perspectives on a place.  Personally, I like the “must eats” part of the restaurant profile – anyone who has eaten with me knows I need direction!

So, this weekend hit the road and hit roadfood.com for good eats along the way.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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