The Rub on Blister Block

GIC2I just assumed everyone was aware of Band-Aid Blister Block (the actual name is Active Friction Block but I don’t get Active Frictions, I get blisters!) but since I ran into yet another person who asked about it when I used it, I thought I should write about it..  For those who know about this stuff, isn’t it the best??? For those who don’t, let me fill you in…

Band-Aid Blister Block (it’s my blog, I’ll call it what I want to call it) goes on almost like deodorant for those areas where you usually develop blisters – instead of blocking odors, you’re blocking friction aka blisters.  The key is to put the Blister Block on before blisters have a chance to form because once they do, you’re too late and Blister Block will do nothing for you.  Honestly, I thought this stuff seemed too good to be true when I discovered it a couple of years ago but now it is an absolute necessity.  I carry one in my purse at all times and one lives in our bathroom.

Plus, Blister Block has a pretty pleasant smell and does not stain shoes – yay!

The price tag may seem fairly steep at first ($7.49 at, but I have had the same two Blister Block sticks for well over a year and I use them quite a bit so the price is more than worth it.

I probably should have posted this at the start of the summer season but since I used the Blister Block today, I was inspired to share this find with you!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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