Fashion Foucs Chicago – Get Your Free Designers of Chicago Show Tickets

Well, while I love fall, my sinuses do not love the transition from summer to fall so I may miss a day or two of Bright-Yellow (like yesterday) due to a pounding sinus headache.  If you know of a good medication that doesn’t make one overly tired or overly hyper, please let me know!

fashionfocuslogo09_145In the meantime, I’m distracting myself by thinking about fashion.  Now that I’m, for the moment, back in the working world, shopping is once again something I can indulge in once in awhile – but I can always window shop!  A few years ago, the city of Chicago started a fashion initiative to spotlight our fantastic local design community.  That initiative has grown and now Fashion Focus Chicago is an annual event full of fashion shows (and shopping steals) throughout the city. Lucky for me (and, as a result, you), I have some inside scoop thanks to my friend, Pam (who was the “guest blogger” with great ways to enjoy Chicago on the cheap a few weeks ago)

One of the fun, fantastic and free fashion shows is the Macy’s Presents the Designers of Chicago show on October 22 at 7:30PM in Millennium Park.  This show features 22 Chicago designers and their spring 2010 lines.  Plus, some of these designers have fall pieces right now in Macy’s on State Street. Want to check out the goods?  Head on over to Macy’s and reserve your standing room spot at the fashion show by clicking here (hurry – this event fills up fast!). For a full list of Fashion Focus Chicago 2009 runway shows, click here.

Think of it as your own free ticket to the Project Runway finale – and a great way to support Chicago’s design community!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow – have a great holiday weekend!


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