Review: Last of My Species The Fearless Songs of Laarna Cortaan

I’ll start with reminding everyone that I do not review theater professionally – I just enjoy productions that make me think and that truly entertain me.  Now that I have that out of the way, here are my thoughts on the Redmoon Theater’s latest production, “Last of My Species The Fearless Songs of Laarna Cortaan” which Jeff and I saw on Sunday night.

ladder_violinsFor those who have not seen a Redmoon production, especially a Spectacle production (often an outdoor event), I often describe it as similar to Cirque du Soleil in terms of the visual stimulation and acrobatics (but Cirque does more in the acrobatics realm) mixed with puppetry and “let’s put on a show” type of contraptions that are just fascinating (fast forward – my favorite part of any Redmoon show is at the end when they invite the audience to go up and inspect these fantastical contraptions up close with cast members on hand to answer questions).

“Last of My Species The Fearless Songs of Laarna Cortaan” did not disappoint in terms of visual and contraption entertainment.  The show takes place outside right by the lake (Lake Michigan for you non-Chicagoans) by Belmont Harbor and the premise is that Redmoon has developed a concert production with Norwegian Laarna Cortaan.  However, there is more to the plot and to share anything else would ruin it for you.  About a quarter of the way into it, I asked Jeff what he thought and he responded “this is weird” and by the end, he said he loved it, so let’s just say that a plot develops – along with contraptions, stunts, acrobatics, music and dance.

Like most Redmoon Spectacle events, “Last of My Species The Fearless Songs of Laarna Cortaan” has a very short run. This weekend is the last weekend to catch this event that is truly a spectacle.  To order tickets, click here or go through Hot Tix (which is what we did) and try to get them for half price (plus Ticketmaster fees – boo) by clicking here.

Since “Last of My Species The Fearless Songs of Laarna Cortaan” takes place outside in the park, definitely bring a pic nic and my insider tip is to either bring a blanket and get there a little before 6PM when the box office opens (you get to set up your pic nic right up front that way) or skip the pic nic and sit in the risers that Redmoon has set up.  Personally, I think the pic nic is the way to go – pic nic season will be over before you know it and when else will you enjoy a pic nic and some theater!?!?  Also, for those with kiddos – this is a very kid friendly show and when we attended, many folks had little ones with them.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow and whether you go to Redmoon or not, be sure to take advantage of these last few weeks of summer – you know you’ll miss them in a few months!


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