Find Some Good Food Near You

gfny_logo2I don’t remember how I learned about Good Food Near You but it’s an interesting, easy to use site.  Just type in your zip code or choose from one of the pre-selected popular locations (airports – very handy) and Good Food Near You will give you a run down of area restaurants and healthy choices you can make there (with nutritional information).  Right now, most of the selections are fast food restaurants because, as the site explains, they are obligated to share nutritional information while independent, mom and pop type of places don’t have to do that yet.

While the site is handy, definitely read the nutrition details.  For some reason, a beef burrito at Chipotle is listed but when you read the details, the burrito has 46 grams of fat and 1,026 calories (yikes!) which may explain why I’m never hungry for the rest of the day after I have Chipotle for lunch!

A funny side note – Good Food Near You is created by Global Fitness Media whose CEO is Jake Steinfeld – the “Body by Jake” guy!  I don’t know why that is funny to me, but it is.

You can also follow Good Food Near You on Twitter.  Let me know if Good Food Near You gives you any good tips and thanks for reading  Bright-Yellow!


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