Top Chef + Bleeding Heart Bakery = Awesome Cupcakes

3874763307_69cf9e70e7_sToday’s post is not going to be as detailed as I would like but I’m hoping that the subject, Bleeding Heart Bakery, will chime in on the comments since we’re Twitter friends.  And before you non-Chicagoans click off at this point, I think you’ll like this post no matter where you live.

If you are a Daily Candy Chicago subscriber, this won’t be brand new news to you.  I love Bleeding Heart Bakery which is a local, organic bakery here in Chicago.  However, they are so much more than that – they are creators of some of the most amazing baked goods you will ever taste – especially the cupcakes.  I also love “Top Chef” (don’t worry – these two will connect).

The Bleeding Heart Bakery bakers really are exceedingly clever cupcake masters.  Sure, they make the traditional vanilla and chocolate but they also take it one (or ten) steps further and bake one of a kind cupcakes like the Half Acre Cupcake (using local brew Half Acre Over Ale) and cupcakes that benefit area charities.  Now, Bleeding Heart is introducing a weekly cupcake based on “Top Chef”!  Here’s where Bleeding Heart, if you’re reading, I need your help.  I’m assuming these cupcakes will make their debut each week on Thursdays and will be based on the “Top Chef” episode from the night before.  However, after looking at the Web site, I can’t confirm that.  I wish I had a chance to swing by to see if there were cactus cupcakes today!  Even if you don’t live in Chicago, the creativity of a “Top Chef” cupcake is worth a visit to the Web site, right (just click here)?

For you Chicagoans, Bleeding Heart Bakery is located on Belmont just east of Damen. Soon, though, they will also be downtown in the Block 37 area (yay for me!)!  And, no matter where you live, I encourage you to follow Bleeding Heart on Twitter for witty commentary (and for Chicagoans – inside scoop on specials like buy one get one cupcakes!).

So check out Bleeding Heart Bakery and their cupcake creativity – maybe someone from Bleeding Heart will be on “Top Chef” someday!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!


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