And We’re Back…

After a little break, I’m back with more Bright-Yellow posts!  However, I think that I’m not going to be able to keep up the daily writing schedule so I’m going to work on figuring out a schedule.  Now that I’m working, if I have plans at night, then I don’t get a post up. So, I’m just going to write when I can.

As for today’s Bright-Yellow, I have two tips for you.  The first, in case you haven’t 124950-004-D64B3BE4heard, is that the Museum of Science and Industry here in Chicago is FREE on weekdays throughout the month of October!  This freebie is part of the launch of “You! The Experience” which is described as “A new permanent exhibit celebrating the connection between the human mind, body and spirit.”  I’m not entirely sure what that means but I’m excited to find out this October!  Free admission runs weekdays through October 30.

hilaryfrontMy next piece is what one of my favorite gossip sites would call “A Kindness”.  This past weekend I attended a fundraiser for L’Arche Chicago (a great organization that builds communities where those with and without intellectual disabilities live together) which featured a terrific cabaret performance by AOK Cabaret (Acts of Kindness Cabaret).  The three women who performed engaged the crowd and had amazing voices.  The kindness comes in when I tell you that they performed basically free of charge so that L’Arche Chicago did not have to incur the expense of hiring entertainment for their fundraiser!  AOK Cabaret founder, Hilary Ann Feldman started the organization because, like many of us, she was often asked to donate or purchase high priced tickets for friends’ fundraisers.  Since she is a full-time artist, Hilary couldn’t always afford to buy those tickets or make that donation.  So, instead, she rounded up a bunch of her fellow cabaret musicians and started AOK Cabaret and now she helps a number of organizations by performing largely free of charge.  If you’re planning a fundraiser, I highly recommend looking into booking AOK Cabaret.

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow! Don’t forget to spread the word about the blog!


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