For Kids or Kids at Heart

PeterHimmelman-031108Whether you have kids or are just a big kid (and a music fan) at heart, Peter Himmelman puts on a great show.  A few years ago I did a promotion with him where he wrote a song for someone and performed at their house.  I ended up driving him to and from the promotion and after basically trapping him in my car so that I could ask him all sorts of questions, I admire his talent even more than I did before (which I didn’t think was possible).

For the grown-ups, Peter writes and performs stunningly beautiful music.  For the kiddos, Peter has a knack for figuring out what is important in a child’s heart and whimsically turns it into a tune.  For those of you who live in Chicago, Peter is performing at the Land of Nod at North and Clybourn on Sunday at 2PM.  It’s sure to get a little crowded there so I’d suggest getting there early – you and your kids (if you have ’em) will love it!

Looking for some more “grown up” tunes – Peter has plenty.  Personally, one of my favorites is “Mission of My Heart” (one of the BEST love songs ever written) but you can’t go wrong with most of Peter’s tunes.  Also, Peter hosts and awesome online music show, “The Furious World“, where he interviews all sorts of musicians, actors, authors, etc. and often plays a tune or two.  “The Furious World” airs live on Tuesday nights but you can also see past shows.  Check out “The Furious World” by clicking here (there’s a schedule of upcoming guests on this site, too).

Another reason to love Peter? Even though he lives in LA, he’s still a Minnesotan at heart!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow! Have a favorite musician I (and fellow readers) should check out? Post the info in the comments section!


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