In Case of Emergency…

Yes, yes, I know – I am totally slacking when it comes to doing the blog!  At some point I’ll figure out a balance and get everything done!  Until then, it will be sporadic posts here at Bright-Yellow.

I just learned that here in Illinois you can go to the Secretary of State’s Web site and register an emergency contact (and a secondary contact).  If, God forbid, I were to get in an accident, now emergency crews can scan my driver’s license (it has a bar code) and find out who to contact right away.  I’m sure most other states have this type of registry, too, and I encourage you to sign up.  If you live in Illinois, all of the information can be found here.  Outside of Illinois, try your Secretary of State’s Web site.

On a completely unrelated note – I went to see “Precious” today and I can’t recommend it enough.  While the subject matter is tough, you still walk away with a feeling of hope.  The entire cast mesmerized us and I suggest you definitely make a point to see this movie!

Thanks for reading Bright-Yellow!



  1. I have heard a few reviews of Precious and it sounds like it is a good movie. It doesn’t sound like a very happy story, as you alluded to. I just read “The Book Thief,” which is set in Nazi Germany, also not very happy. I’m ready for a good comedy or light movie now…Precious will have to wait.

    And, btw, everytime I hear/see the name Precious, I think of Lord of the Rings!

  2. Great tip Jen – nice to see the blog back!! Enjoy reading it. Al makes sure anytime I get a new cell phone, that I have at least 3 ICE contacts in it.

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