The Decade’s Most Important Recordings?

Listening to NPR the other night (shhh… don’t tell my employer), I heard the start of the piece about All Song’s Considered’s “The Decade’s Most Important Recordings” but missed the report because of a phone call.  So, I made a point to check out the list on line and I’m not so sure I agree with it.  While I appreciate that the list has different styles of music on it (some of which I’ll check out after reading the list), it still reads as the Hipster’s List of the Decade’s Most Important Recordings.  In my opinion, the most obvious omission is Outkast – that double CD definitely had an impact on the music scene.

So, what do you think of the list?  To read the list only, click here.  For a list with descriptions of the recordings, click here.

Share your thoughts!!!!

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One comment

  1. Most important recordings? – maybe not. But there are a bunch of great songs on the list – and some new artists I’d like to hear more from.

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