Gift Ideas that Give Back

Allow me a moment of smugness – I have finished all of my holiday shopping and am about 95% finished with holiday cards on December 13!  Since this never happens, I need a moment to enjoy it!

You say you’re not quite finished and you’re stumped for ideas?  Well, Bright-Yellow to the rescue! All this week I’m going to feature gift ideas that give back (think of it as two gifts in one!).  First up, Greenhouse Chicago aka Tony Green.

I confess that Tony is a musician friend of mine (you may see that confession a few more times this week) but even if he weren’t, I’d be excited about this gift idea.  This holiday season, Tony is donating half of all of his CD and gift sales to Rock for Kids, a great non-profit here in Chicago that provides music education to kids in need.  You can check out Tony’s CDs on iTunes, CD Baby, or his own site Greenhouse Chicago.  Need something more personal this holiday season? How about guitar lessons?  Tony also teaches and has a great deal – CD and Guitar Lesson gift packs for only $60 plus $6 S&H (keep in mind, that means $30 for Rock for Kids!).  The gift pack includes two CDs and a gift certificate for one hour of guitar lessons (in the Chicago vicinity unless you’d like to fly him out to your area).

Tony is Scottish but this gift is not crap (I can’t help it – that joke somehow had to be made since he really is Scottish)!  Just click here to check out his tunes and get some holiday shopping done!

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